Monday, October 5, 2009

Feast Days from Monday Oct 5th to Sunday 11th

The main feast days in this week are:

5th October - St Faustina Kowalska

7th October - Our Lady of the Rosary (This feast was established in thanksgiving for the victory of the Battle of Lepanto)


Colouring page of Jesus ~ Divine Mercy

Colouring page of St Faustina

How to make a wooden spoon figurine of St Faustina (this is a fun activity where they can build up a collection of saints in a year) HT: Alice from Cottage Blessings

Divine Mercy Cupcakes would also be appropriate for St Faustina's feast as well. HT: Catholic Cuisine

There is also a craft activity in the book Saints and Feast Days, and that is to make a Mercy Wheel:

"The message Jesus wanted Faustina to spread was about God's mercy, but also about the mercy we must show to every human being. He told Faustina that mercy toward others is unquestionable proof of love for him. Jesus gave Faustina three ways of showing mercy toward neighbors: by deed, by word, and by prayer. Discuss these ways of reflection Jesus' mercy. Draw a mercy wheel that is divided into three segments: Deed, Word, Prayer. Have the students suggest specific ways that they can bring mercy to others."

For family viewing there is a DVD called Faustina.

Of course, any simple Polish dish would be lovely for a main meal at night. Here is a great site with many Polish recipes.

Today is a good day to sing the Divine Mercy Chaplet as a family, I have linked two different versions that have come from EWTN. Our family sings both versions especially when we are travelling in the car, I love both, but the choice is there!

Traditional Sung Version Part One

Traditional Sung Version Part Two

Modern Sung Version Part One

Modern Sung Version Part Two

Modern Sung Version Part Three

St Faustina Kowalska: Messenger of Mercy is a lovely reading novel for children.

The Young Life of St Maria Faustina is a book that has been a wonderful read-aloud with pictures for our children.

Here is our very simple display using crepe paper and our Divine Mercy image, I nice reminder to the children during the day.

I made a very simple vanilla loaf cake and cut it in the shape of rays, iced it in red and white and used icing pens to write the words of Our Lord, "Jesus, I trust in You!"


A colouring page of Our Lady of the Rosary. HT: Charlotte from Waltzing Matilda

Colour and Pray the Holy Rosary colouring sheet.

A wonderful site that has a colouring page for each mystery of the rosary ~ beautiful images!

A webpage with activities/puzzles/colouring pages. HT: Domestic Church

Rosary Box Craft, a lovely way to make saying the rosary 'tangible' for children. HT: UK Bookworm

Here are free downloadable colour images of the 20 mysteries of the rosary, that could be used in a craft or for the children when praying the rosary. HT. UK Bookworm

Three fun online games on the rosary ~ Rosary hangman game, Rosary slide puzzle, Rosary matching cards game. HT:

Praying the Rosary with Little Ones ~ this is a delightful craft, making roses for each Hail Mary. HT: Kimberlee from Pondering In My Heart

Here is an online video tutorial that steps you through making the crocheted roses Kimberlee showcases in her posting above.

Victory Vessels are a fabulous savoury meal commerating the Victory of the Battle of Lepanto. HT: Catholic Cuisine For some medieval looking, marian banners to use for the sails on the potato vessels, click here ~ they're wonderful, beautiful titles of Our Lady with medieval images.

Rosary Cupcakes are a lovely sweet treat for the feast. HT: Catholic Cuisine (This link will also take you to many other ladies 'edible rosary beads' ~ all different, one is made completely from biscuits, so this can be a very quick and easy feast idea)

Here is our version of the cupcake rosary, only we used marshmallows for Ave beads and cupcakes for Pater beads, I blogged about making it here.

Don Bosco, Snakes and the Rosary is a read aloud of one of St John Bosco's dreams, in this you will see some fantastic photos of a snake that is just like the hideous monster in the Don's dream - kids will love this!

Earlier this year May Feelings II was released, it is a short, quirky, uplifting 1 min video encouraging teenagers and young adults to pray the rosary, we loved it!

Here is another short 1 minute video called Pray the Rosary Today! featuring Eduardo Veragusti (from Bella), Immaculee Ilibagiza and other young adults encouraging young people to pray the rosary, here Eduardo sing Salve Regina throughout, lovely!

Here is a website explaining how to pray the rosary and the fifteen promises attached to it.

How did this feastday come about? The short version is:

"Pope Pius V formed a Holy League to fight the Turks. The allies included Spain, Venice, Genoa, the Knights of Malta and the Papal States. As the Christian war fleet sailed east, Pius V called on all Christians to pray the Rosary for victory. The Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary filled the streets of Rome and other cities with processions of fervent believers, calling on Our Lady of the Rosary to save Christendom from the infidel.

Their prayers were heard. On October 7, 1571, the Holy League vanquished the Turkish fleet in the bloody Battle of Lepanto, fought near the Greek port of Nafpaktos (or Naupactus), in the narrow strait connecting the Gulf of Corinth with the Ionian Sea.

In gratitude, Pope Pius V gave a new title to the Virgin Mary; Our Lady of Victories. He set aside October 7 as her feast day, to commemorate the victory at Lepanto, naming the new holiday festem BMV de victoria; Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mother of Victory. His successor Pope Gregory XIII changed the name of the holiday to Feast of the Holy Rosary, to honor the decisive role of the Rosary in bringing victory at Lepanto. By order of Pope John XXIII, we have called this holiday the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary since 1960."

To read more go to this site.

Lepanto by G K Chesterton is a good book for teenagers and young adults.

St Dominic and the Rosary is a good saints novel for young teenagers.

Here is an sung audio version of Lepanto, very enjoyable. HT: Maria Lectrix

We discovered a documentory in 5 parts on YouTube that talks of the history of the Battle of Lepanto and how they discovered the wreak site, great for older children.

Battle of Lepanto Part One

Battle of Lepanto Part Two

Battle of Lepanto Part Three

Battle of Lepanto Part Four

Battle of Lepanto Part Five

All up this is just under an hour viewing, we downloaded the lot and will be able to watch it on our TV for easier watching.

Here is our little altar for today's feast, we use the top of our sorting center (a long, rectangular set of drawers) I had some lovely rosary fabric and I was able to drap it from the picture that hangs above the sorting center and have it cascade down to the top of the sorting center. A statue, flowers, rosary and it is good reminder to us all of today's feast.

O Queen of the Holy Rosary hymn is the PERFECT hymn for today, here is the sheet music, lyrics and a midi file to hear the tune.

Of course spring is a lovely time to start a Mary Garden, especially in October, the month of the Holy Rosary. Here is our new garden for inspiration. Look in the left hand sidebar for more information about creating a Mary Garden.

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