Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feast Days from Monday October 26th to Sunday 1st November

The main feast days are this week:

28th October - Sts Simon and Jude

1st November - All Saints Day

28th of October - STS SIMON AND JUDE

A biography of Sts Simon and Jude for children. HT: Intercessories Family Ministry

St Jude is always traditionally depicted holding an image of Our Lord's head and this is due to the tradition that St Thomas asked that St Jude take the holy relic away from Jerusalem where there was persecution and a risk that the shroud would be desecrated. St Jude travelled with the shroud to Edessa. It is believed that the shroud was folded in such a way that only the head of the Divine Lord on the shroud could be seen. This image of Edessa was known as the Mandylion.

Here is some good reading on this facinating connection between the two images, it would make good reading for older children. HT: Shroud Forum

A good craft for the feast would be to make the medalion that St Jude holds. You need a plastic or paper plate and this colouring page I made. (just click on the image to enlarge and save/print)

The children can colour the image in and glue it to the paper plate.

1st of November - ALL SAINTS DAY

I am very sorry I didn't get back to add the links, I hosted an enormous All Saints party this year and it took up all my time in preparation. I will add the links in the months to come so that it will be completed for next year's feast day.


  1. Another "Phenominal and Beautiful" site....where on this earth do you make the time for all of the work you do? Bless You!

  2. Hi PJ! This site is firstly for my needs, so that I put plans, links etc, all together in one place for feast days and already in the last couple of weeks our celebrating of the saints has been consistent and richer.

    I wanted to share this with friends in my own city as well. So I'm now just opening it up to others to look at too.

    I blog only once a week here as well, over the weekend for the following week's feast days...I'd like to get ahead an extra week if I could and stay there, but I'll see how I go..

  3. Thank you so much for your reply! While I am not in your part of the world, I hope you won't mind if I visit this site and thank you so much for opening it up! You are a blessing to so many Anne, so many & in so many ways! God Bless! PJ